Yield: 2 chickens, serves 4 people

2 each whole 3.5lb chicken
½ cup Olive Oil
4 tbsp WGR Beer Can Chicken Spice Rub
2 cans Miller High Life, 16oz can (or your favorite beer)

• Mix oil and spice rub in a small bowl and allow it to set for 2 hours to create a marinade

• Rub each chicken with the marinade

• Pour out 1/3 of each can of beer into a small 2 inch high roasting pan

• Gently stuff the can with the remaining beer into the cavity of the chicken. Yup, that’s right….

• Place the cans (with the chickens on them) back in the roasting pan, standing upright, and roast on your grill at medium indirect heat until 165 degrees is reached, about 45 minutes

• Allow chickens to rest for 15 minutes and remove the cans

• Split the chickens at the center of the breast, cut out the back bone and serve with your best mashed potatoes

• Reserve the drippings (less the fat) for sauce. Just add a little butter

• Enjoy!