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George Stephen poured passion and love into his specially prepared meals, driving the development of the Weber Kettle, Weber Grill Restaurants, and the Weber Grill Cooking School. With more than 70 years of experience improving consumers’ palate worldwide, Weber Grill is looking to share some of the insights, tips, and tricks that have made their meals so special.

There has never been a better time to look into a guided experience for your next date night. With the ability to cook something special that you can enjoy together, who wouldn’t want to sit down for sophisticated cooking classes guided by the Weber Grill experts? Before you book a couple of cooking classes for your next date night, keep on reading to see how Weber Grill’s cooking classes can bring a ton of fun, passion, and love to your next outing!

Inspired Fire Cooking – The Ultimate Couples Cooking Class

When was the last time that you got to spend an afternoon around a grill with your friends and family? Fun activities are easy to come by when food is involved and that is why Weber Grill is focused on sharing the art of inspired fire cooking with as many people as possible. More than just a great date night cooking class, inspired fire cooking is a way to change how you look at the food you prepare on your Weber Grill.

Inspired fire cooking is a concept developed by the Weber Charcoal Grill team to emphasize the quality, skill, and passion poured into its menu. Grilling with your loved one can be more than just preparing a simple meal, it can be one of the more intriguing date night experiences that you ever find!

More than just learning how to grill, attending classes at the Weber Grill Restaurant can bring you and your loved ones a ton of fun, education, and entertainment.

The Joy of a Guided Experience

Whether you are a first-time culinary enthusiast or a seasoned chef looking to share a good time with your family, The Cooking School at Weber Grill can provide the experience that you are looking for.

Working with the experts at the Weber Grill Cooking School, attendees get to learn how to cook in a sophisticated atmosphere with excellence is often the outcome. Professionals guide you and your loved ones through the process as you develop meals that are imbued with love, quality, and a twist on conventional grilling.

Why should you consider one of the Lombard Cooking Classes at Weber Grill Restaurant for your next date night?

  • Romantic Environment – There are few things more loving than sharing in the creation of a wonderful meal. Date night cooking classes are replete with positivity and romantic energy that is hard to beat!
  • Learning Together – Couples can learn techniques that they will take home and utilize for the rest of their lives. Enjoy the benefits of Weber’s expertise long after your cooking class has ended.
  • Something New – Instead of doing the same-old same-old, try something new. A cooking class can be a great way to change your routine while giving you and your partner something new to talk about.

The Weber Charcoal Grill cooking classes are a fantastic way to look at grilling through a new lens, bringing better flavor and more inspired experiences to your backyard. Guided by a professional team, cooking classes at the Weber Grill Cooking School are a fantastic way to add a splash of love to your palate. Book your next class and taste the difference for yourself!