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For parties of 8 or more, please call the restaurant.

Are you planning a big private event or a small family gathering? Do you want to wow your guests with food that tastes like it came straight from the best premier restaurants for private parties?

Planning a private party requires paying attention to many different things. From the food that you provide to the venue that you rent, many decisions go into the process. To fire off an event that is as successful as it is stress-free, you might want to do a little bit of legwork to avoid some common mistakes.

Let’s leap into some of the most common mistakes to avoid at all costs when planning your private party.

1. Don’t Select the WRONG Catering Service

To truly appreciate and enjoy a gathering, great food must be available for the guests in attendance. Some private party venues offer food onsite while others do not, so make sure to consider a professional catering service.

How do you avoid selecting the wrong catering service? We’ll tell you!

  • Check Their Experience – A professional catering company with years of industry experience should offer you comfort on the day of your event.
  • Ask For Licensure – Caterers need to be specially licensed to perform their duties. Don’t get duped by unprofessional!
  • Request a Menu Consult – Any caterer worth working with will offer you a consultation to discuss the menu provided for your event.

Weber Grill Restaurant utilizes decades of experience in outdoor grilling to provide catering for parties that is as delicious as it is approachable, remaining refined for even the most sophisticated events.

2. Don’t Underestimate the Event Size

One of the most common mistakes in private catering and party planning is when the host underestimates the size of the event. Organizing an event that generates a lot of attention is great, but not if it blows out your budget and destroys your menu.

Work closely with your catering company and private party venues to assess the overall needs of your event. Set up a guest list and accommodate for potential overage, as it is always better to have more than less.

3. Do NOT Skip Your Consultation

Before the day of the event, you are going to want to spend some time with your event catering company as well as the venue that you have rented. Consultations are the best way to make sure that every member of the party is prepared for the event. Use this time to go over potential pitfalls and any concerns that you may have.

Consultations are also a great time to discuss contingency plans should any be necessary on the day of the event. Leverage the expertise of your party planners and catering professionals as they have years of experience that you can benefit from.

Finally, a walkthrough can provide everyone involved with the party some peace of mind as they see the event as it will be conducted. Whether you are looking for catering options for birthday party events or something related to work, this is an important step.

Inspired Firecooking For Your Next Private Party

Leveraging more than 70 years of outdoor grilling expertise, Weber Grill Restaurant has turned into a juggernaut within the private party planning sphere. Utilizing a sensational style of cooking known as inspired firecooking, Weber Grill brings restaurant-quality dishes to the comfort of your private parties, personal events, family gatherings, and business outings.

Utilize the tips we outlined above to make sure that your next event is your best one, as well! When the time comes to find the right private event catering service, pick up the phone and reach out to Weber Grill Restaurant!