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Few things in life bring people together quite like a good meal. Whether inviting family members into our home or sharing a meal on a company outing, a hot dish full of flavor can create memories that are as long-lasting as they are satisfying.

From planning your wedding to simply putting together a family gathering, finding the right full service catering company can be crucial to the outcome of your event. If you’ve never hired event catering services, you’ve come to the right place to learn more.

Let’s take a closer look at where to order catering food as well as the integral questions that you need to ask to get the best catering possible.

What Are Professional Catering Services?

Catering services take the stress out of event planning by taking charge of the food and drink provided at the event. A catering service will provide food and drinks while providing service to guests in attendance. This frees up the host to focus on more important duties!

Before looking at what restaurants offer catering, let’s take a moment to examine some of the top questions we need to ask our potential catering professionals.

Top Questions to Ask When Hiring a Catering Service

It is impossible to understate the importance of a good meal to a gathering. Whether you are looking for catering options for large groups or catering for small groups, finding the right professional match can go a long way toward creating an event that leaves an impression.

Before you pick up the phone, consider asking the following questions to your potential catering team.

1. What Food Do You Provide & Suggest?

Catering companies understand what they are experts in and that means that they can provide the right food and function to support your event. Companies like Weber Grill Restaurant are experts at providing tasty, accessible, and familiar outdoor grilling.

Even if attendees at your event may all like a certain dish, it is also important to ask what companies like Weber Grill suggest for your outing. Certain dishes may hold up better for larger or smaller groups, providing an atmosphere that matches your expectations.

Companies like Weber Grill specialize in a cooking technique known as inspired firecooking. Using expert grilling techniques in a restaurant setting, Weber Grill brings refined and sophisticated dining experiences to the comforts of backyards, wedding functions, and official company outings.

2. What Catering Packages Do You Provide?

While all catering services may provide the same core concept, they do it in different ways. Weber Grill offers a variety of catering packages that are meant to meet the needs of your event. Inquire with your potential catering company about the different services that they provide before signing on the dotted line.

At Weber Grill, exceptional catering and wedding services exist to accommodate every sort of outing.

  • On-site Grilling – Take fun and food to the next level with a relaxing outdoor grilling service based on inspired firecooking methods.
  • Full-Service Catering – From customizing a proposal to delivery and clean-up, full-service catering will take all the stress out of your day.
  • Pick Up / Delivery – If you are looking for a hot meal that has been prepared to feed your function, simple pick-up and delivery services are a great option.

3. What Kind of Consultation Can You Give?

Hiring a catering service can mean the difference between an exceptional outing and one to remember (for the wrong reasons). With that being said, nobody should feel rushed into selecting a caterer. Any catering service worth its reputation will provide an expansive and in-depth consultation to make sure that they are the right match for your event.

Use your consultation as a chance to learn about the menu offered by the catering company while inquiring about things such as dietary restrictions, total cost, timeline expectations, and other such subjects.

Find the Catering Company For YOU At Weber Grill!

Weber Grill Restaurant leverages decades of experience in innovative outdoor grilling to develop not just a winning series of restaurants, but a full-service catering and wedding business.

Pulling from more than 70 years of outdoor grilling expertise, Weber Grill provides a sophisticated yet relaxed catering experience that is as welcoming as it is unique. Taste the excellence as Weber Grill takes restaurant-level food and elegant customer service to your event! Contact Weber today to learn more!